Prefab Homes

Strand Homes uses innovative construction methods that create faster, stronger, longer lasting houses.

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Strand homes are constructed with the exceptional, prefabricated Durapanel system.

Durapanel forms the structural envelope of a house. Efficient, solid and low maintenance, the Durapanel system offers homeowners many living benefits.

Panels are prefabricated off site using the latest CNC technology and delivered to site in flat pack form to be erected and finished in a very short time frame. Once erected, panels are ready for interior painting, no stopping or plaster board is required and a high level paint finish is achieved.

Benefits for Homeowners

As experienced builders and craftsmen, we employ only the best building methods and materials in our homes.

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Build Efficiency

Durapanel is a fast and efficient building system that can save weeks in build time. This is due to the systems ability to streamline the build process through the prefabrication of building materials, utilising latest factory processes and CNC technology.


Superior Strength

Durapanel’s three layered panels result in structural walls that demonstrate superior strength and durability. Panels are dent and knock resistant, making them ideal for family living.


Versality in Finish

The simplicity of the Durapanel system makes it compatible with any style of roofing, cladding and interior finishing. The adaptability of the system offers you unlimited flexibility when it comes to selecting the finishing for your new home.